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If you answered yes to either question, then you are sitting on a gold mine! You can put your database to work today and start earning cash!!

Did you know that approximately 85% of online companies do not efficiently monetize their customer databases? This leaves thousands of dollars on the table every month. We provide services that are designed maximize the value of your data with no extra work on your end. We implement a customized strategy that will offer your business a targeted and relevant marketing program to generate additional revenue for your company. We have worked with many companies in your vertical that are gaining revenue from taking advantage of their backend data.

Stop throwing away piles of cash every month! Your customer and partial database should be an ongoing and efficient revenue stream without incurring additional costs!

As a matter of fact, there are numerous companies who just try to break even on the front end for collecting email records as they are fully aware of the benefits of email monetization and long-term revenues involved.

We take pride in quick and seamless integration. We offer our clients access to real time reports so you can see the actual results of how well your data is performing and how revenues are being generated.

Start earning additional revenue immediately…
Our ultimate goal is to dramatically improve your bottom line by monetizing your data extremely effectively. King Monetizer’s commitment to you is to maximize revenue that is generated from every record that you provide us. We have monetization processes in place that will take your raw data and turn it into dollars which otherwise would be left on the table.

In competitive verticals, proper data monetization is the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign.
List review and enhancement 
Telephone sales and follow-up monetization
Propriety email list monetization and other management programs
Postal monetization
Exposure to our internal  traditional list monetization network
It is time for you to get the highest ROI from your list with the help of King Monetizer. We take pride in offering our clients satisfaction and success. We want to become your long term strategic partner in monetization.

Our back end data monetization methods will enable you to effectively maximize your data and truly realize the profit center from your customer databases.  Enhance your bottom line today with the help of King Monetizer’s data monetization services!
Teeth Whitening
Health and Beauty
Skin Care
Weight Loss
Male Enhancement
Biz Op
Debt Settlement
King Monetizer is a business partner you can trust. We take pride in our ability to monetize data and turn it into additional revenue streams. We focus on developing and establishing monetization programs in the above specific verticals.

We can monetize any type of data and any type of record old or new. We are confident that we can maximize your monetization efforts better than anyone in the business.

Call us today and learn more about how we can help monetize your current consumer database.
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